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Nature Lovers

Our tours are flavored with nature and adventure. Beyond your fun and relaxation, we hope we can make you fall in love with our environment.

Stephane, the owner and main captain of Scoobitoo is a certified whale-watcher by AGOA, and carries a hydrophone onboard to listen to whales.

Through our choices and actions, we try to protect the natural environment. In the 1990s, we were among the very few to equip our vessels with solar panels. We've always relied on solar electricity as much as possible, ever since.
Plastic being a serious problem for our oceans, we do not use dispensable cutlery, plates and glasses for our guests: we wash dishes after each excursion! We also limit our passengers to 28, to respect the natural reserves.

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Monday → Saturday,
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Scoobidoo charactersScoobidoo dancing gooey characters
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