Prepare Your Trip

What should I bring with me?
Bring sunscreen, a hat, a towel, a sweater for the return trip, some extra cash for drinks ashore, gift purchases from the onboard boutique and crew gratuities. Don't forget your passport, your camera and a big smile!
What is our policy about children onboard?
Children love the adventure of a day out at sea: swimming, snorkeling and of course the water slide! We want all our guests to have a fantastic day with us. We carry children's life vests and have junior sized snorkeling equipment available. There is no minimum age for babies, but pediatricians recommend infants be at least 3 months old. Parents remain responsible for the supervision of their children at all times.
Personal belongings and valuables
There is storage space on each boat for personal belongings. The crew will advise you on the best place to store your bags. Please remember, however, that the crew is not responsible for any loss or damage to your belongings, onboard, ashore or during transfer between the boat and shore.
Electronics onboard
We have a dry bag for small items during tender transfers between the boat and shore. Please note that we can not recharge cameras, phones etc. Make sure to charge your electronic goods before you come onboard. The crew is not responsible for any loss or damage.
Who needs a visa for St Barths?
European Union, EEA, USA and Canadian nationals do not need a visa however for other nationals permission to enter France, St Maarten/St Martin does not automatically gain you entrance to St Barths. Nationals of the following countries must have a visa:

- Antigua
-Dominican Republic
-South Africa
-Saudi Arabia
-St. Kitts and Nevis
-St. Vincent
-St. Lucie
-United Arab Emirates
I'm worried about getting seasick?
Catamarans are much more stable than monohulls. On our large, comfortable boats seasickness is rarely a problem, but if you are susceptible, there are certain precautions you can take:

- Eat breakfast as normal, don't sail on an empty stomach - local croissants are ideal!

- Ginger (dry or powdered) is a good preventative. Otherwise, a small glass of flat coke, dry bread or crackers are all ideal if you do feel queasy.

- Avoid fruit juice, the citric acid can upset your stomach.

- Don't read or focus on your phone - look around and enjoy the scenery! Focusing on a fixed point on the horizon helps your brain cope with the unaccustomed movement.

- Stay out in the fresh air, avoid going inside.

- Chat to the Captain. All those old sea-dog tales will help take your mind off it!

- If you feel you may need anti seasickness medication, visit the pharmacy the day before your trip for advice. Most preparations need to be taken an hour or so before coming onboard.

- Tell the crew. They have a lot of experience and can advise you. Don't be embarrassed!
Should I tip the crew?
Service is not included, however, crew gratuities are at your discretion. If you would like to show your appreciation, 10 - 15% is a generally accepted guideline (as in restaurants and other service activities).
What do you sell in the onboard boutique?
Authentic Scoobi crew t-shirts in different styles: long sleeve, short sleeve and ladies sun-tops. All made from good quality, pre-shrunk cotton - stylish, practical and a great reminder of a fantastic day out. Scoobi caps - good protection from the Caribbean sun.


What does "open bar" mean?
Drinks onboard are complimentary. We offer a range of soft drinks: coke, diet coke, sprite, club soda, tonic, fruit juice, wine (red, rosé and white), beer, spirits (rum, vodka, gin) and of course our specialities: Scoobi fruit or rum punch. You are our guests during your stay onboard and we want you to relax and enjoy your time with us. Your safety remains our prime concern, however, and we do not encourage excessive drinking. Therefore the Captain reserves the right to stop serving alcohol at any time.

Please note that drinks ashore are not included in the day charter rate and due to local licensing and customs laws, guests are not permitted to take drinks from the boat ashore.
What is a "local buffet meal"?
Lunch is provided on all full day trips, either onboard or ashore. Ashore choose from grilled chicken, pork ribs, creole rice, coleslaw, salad... Have a look at our typical menus under your chosen destination.
Special meals
We will do our best to meet your dietary requirements. Please notify us in advance of your trip.
Fresh water onboard
Water is a precious commodity on St Martin, especially so onboard a boat! Please use the water in the restrooms sparingly and note that this water is not drinking quality. Bottled water is freely available.
Is there any shade onboard?
Scoobitoo is designed for your comfort and safety and have ample shaded seating areas.
What is the waterslide?
Simply the best way to get into the water! Unique in St Martin, ScoobiToo has a toboggan, fun, easy access to the tropical blue waters for all the family. Great photo opportunities for kids and grandpas!
Are there restrooms onboard?
Scobitoo has restroom facilities. Marine toilets operate slightly differently from those ashore. Instructions are posted, any questions - ask the crew!
Safety onboard
The crew are professional, experienced and trained to deal with all onboard situations. All boats meet stringent European safety standards for operation in international waters. Adult and children lifevests are carried. If you have any worries, speak to the crew.