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Saint Martin

Tintamarre is an uninhabited Island off the northern tip of St Martin. Part of the natural reserve, it is a great spot to snorkel and to access a wide white sand beach.

Despite its name "Tintamarre" —French word meaning "great discordant noise"— the small island is a very calm place with fabulous beaches and translucent water hosting turtles and stingrays.

Tintamarre used to be inhabited in the last century. It was first a Dutch owned plantation. In 1902, it hosted about 150 people. In 1931 the small island was sold to and annexed by the French mayor of Saint Martin. Tintamarre then became the base of a small airline called "Compagnie Aérienne Antillaise" until 1952. If you actually walk a few hundred meters inland, you might stumble upon old rusted plane engines.

To know more about Tintamarre, visit the Saint Martin tourist office.

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