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Since 1994

We create tours encompassing comfort, relaxation, good food and nature. Our large catamaran Scoobitoo navigates across the oceanic plateau covering Anguilla, St Martin, St. Bart and beyond.

Scoobitoo's mother company "Scoobidoo / Marine Time" exists since 1994. Despite periods of expansion with up to 3 catamarans, the company has always kept a human and personal dimension. Our motto says it all: "come as a guest, leave as a friend".

You can find the Marine Time office right in the middle of Anse Marcel.

Stephane hails from the Vosges area of France and has travelled widely in Polynesia, Europe and North America. A keen yachtsman from a young age, he began his professional sailing career in 1987, working as captain on charter vessels ranging from 58 to 100 feet. Stephane has been based in St Martin for more than 30 years. He is a top class chef, enjoying everything to do with the sea and nature. He has a great passion for all forms of music: if you need any help compiling your ideal charter playlist, speak to Stephane!

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(+590) 690 73 66 63

Monday → Saturday,
9:30am → 12:30pm
4:30pm → 7:30pm

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Scoobidoo charactersScoobidoo dancing gooey characters
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